Karnox started in 2009 with the production of high-end car seats. In 2014, after years of design and development, we were able to launch the first range of high-quality gaming chairs.
The brand is the joint vision of a UK Rolls-Royce engineer and the Karnox Ltd team. The idea was to combine cutting-edge automotive design with world-class manufacturing to create eSports chairs and accessories that improve gaming performance and allow you to play for longer hours while staying comfortable and healthy. Inspired by performance sports cars and designed for eSports, Karnox products deliver on style, comfort and build quality. We collaborate with the award-winning designers around the world from the USA, UK, and Europe. Along with having great designers, we have our own state of the art production facility and manufacture all the chairs ourselves. We do not outsource or rebrand! This also means we constantly invest in our factory and improve our manufacturing process.
This, combined with our rigorous testing standards, top quality control, use of the best materials a product at the lower price and ultimately the best gaming experience.
In June 2018, we are bringing our first Karnox chairs to the North American market. That being said we already have countless clients including offices, gamers, event organisers, businesses, and enthusiasts. Are you next?
Karnox - In Game!